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Mutt RPM Team - mutt 1.4.x RPMs:
Notes & SRPMs

General Description of All RPMs (Mutt 1.4.x)

The mutt included in these RPMs supports:

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SSL

mutt is linked against ncurses. However, the SRPM provides the possibility to build an Slang version as well - please refer to the documentation.

All RPMs include two additional "wrapper" scripts for mutt:

  • cmutt: Shell script to call mutt after checking and - if necessary - changing the TERM environment variable. That way, mutt uses colours even if TERM wasn't set right initially (given a colour capable terminal, of course).
  • xmutt: Shell script to start mutt in a terminal window (xterm or rxvt).

All RPMs come in two flavours: With and without Roland Rosenfeld's compressed folder patch. The ones with compressed folder support have the additional extension .cfp and include a second patch to Muttrc to enable compressed folder support for folders compressed with gzip and bzip2.

Source RPMs

Note that all RPMs were build from the same SRPM, using a so-called Meta Spec File. To use this functionality and (re)build an RPM for your distro, you have to install the SRPM -- a simple rpm --rebuild is not recommended.
All RPMs can be rebuilt as ordinary user.

* mutt- Description

For more information - especially, if you're interested in rebuilding the SRPM - and for the RPM ChangeLog please refer to the RPMS.README file:

[!!!] NOTE: [!!!]
If you're going to rebuild the Source RPM, please be sure to read the section referring to your distribution/architecture, as you might need to upgrade libraries to successfully rebuild the SRPM!

Binary RPMs

RPMs are currently available for:

If you have a RPM based Linux system other than the above (especially SuSE!) and if you have a bit of time at your hands, how about joining us in the effort to provide mutt RPMs for more distributions? If you feel like joining, please drop Thomas a note!

Last Updated: 22/11/2004