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Mutt RPM Team - mutt 1.2.x RPMs:
Notes & (S)RPMs

General Description of All RPMs (Mutt 1.2.x)

Mutt was released on January 1, 2002. This is the last maintenance update of the 1.2 branch of mutt and fixes a a security hole which can be remotely exploited!

The mutt included in these RPMs supports:

  • POP3
  • IMAP

mutt is linked against ncurses. However, the SRPM provides the possibility to build an Slang version as well - please refer to the documentation.

All RPMs include two additional "wrapper" scripts for mutt:

  • cmutt: Shell script to call mutt after checking and - if necessary - changing the TERM environment variable. That way, mutt uses colours even if TERM wasn't set right initially (given a colour capable terminal, of course).
  • xmutt: Shell script to start mutt in a terminal window (xterm or rxvt).

All RPMs come in two flavours: With and without Roland Rosenfeld's compressed folder patch. The ones with compressed folder support have the additional extension .cfp and include a second patch to Muttrc to enable compressed folder support for folders compressed with gzip and bzip2.

Source RPMs

Note that all RPMs were build from the same SRPM, using a so-called Meta Spec File. To use this functionality and (re)build an RPM for your distro, you have to install the SRPM -- a simple rpm --rebuild is not recommended.
All RPMs can be rebuilt as ordinary user.

* mutt- Description

For more information - especially, if you're interested in rebuilding the SRPM - and for the RPM ChangeLog please refer to the RPMS.README file:

Binary RPMs

RPMs are only available for Red Hat Linux 7.x. RPMs for other distributions (with or without the compressed folder patch) can be built from the SRPM listed above. Please follow the instructions given in the RPMS.README file.

* mutt- Description
* mutt- Description
Notes for the RHL 7.x RPMs:

Mutt is configured with ncurses 5.2 and is using mutt_dotlock (SGID mail), so it works with an out-of-the-box Red Hat system (Red Hat has rather strict permissions on /var/spool/mail).
They also contain an entry in the window manager menu (if your window manager uses Red Hat's desktop entries like e.g. KDE).

Last Updated: 20/03/2003